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About us

Bizkloud is a web-enabled software product platform that allows users to leverage the cloud to run their businesses from anywhere, anytime and using any device. While many clients subscribe to the standard version of this SaaS (Software as a Service) product, we also customize it to fit the unique workflow processes and needs of many of our customers while also making it available for onsite implementations.

Core Bizkloud products include communication suite (cloud telephony with email, SMS, chat, etc.), integrated call center CRM Suite (CRM modules for sales acquisition, customer service, support, ticket management workflow and sales collaboration), ISP CRM (CRM and workflow modules for running a small to medium sized ISP operation with customer service, tech support and billing functionalities) as well as Healthcare CRM (Doctors Practice Management Modules including Patient Management, Appointment and Visit Management, Electronic Medical Records, Inventory and Billing Management) .

Software modules for end to end contact center management like PBX, ACD, IVR, CRM, WFM, HRMS, etc. are also available. Our most popular industry specific standard packages include ISP CRM suite, SME office management suite, Healthcare CRM suite, and Contact Center Suite.

Our software solutions empower consumers, SMEs and enterprises to improve their efficiency, productivity, time to market and operate as much larger and global organizations. It is perfectly suited for Contact centers, SMEs and enterprises operating in ISP/Telecom, Financial services, Insurance, Healthcare, Realty, E-Commerce and Manufacturing/Technology verticals.

Our campaign management solutions are not only suitable for business running their lead generation and sales/marketing campaign, but have also been used by NGOs, industry organizations, events and conferences to promote registrations and conduct surveys. Our solutions for consumers and SOHO businesses include, storage suites, Communication suites, web design and hosting services as well as small business suite.

Bizkloud is a business unit of Ineda which is headquartered in USA, with its software development center in India and support center in Philippines. The Asia HQ is based in Hong Kong, China.

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