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Sales CRM

BizKloud Sales CRM Suite is a comprehensive sales CRM, order management and fulfillment platform which also includes the modules that enable the overall enterprise or your end B2B clients to collaborate with your operations as well as monitor the performance and results through real-time analytics.

BizKloud helps you to monitor, optimize and encash the opportunities with improved time to revenue. Enterprises can use this to outsource their sales acquisitions and telemarketing activities to third party call centers and monitor their performance in real-time from anywhere, any time and using any device.

Features of Sales CRM

The different modules in this suite and their corresponding features are depicted below:

Cloud Telephony:


Collaboration Management :

  • Office Telephony

  • Unique phone number

  • Automatic Call Forwarding to Mobile

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Voice SMS & Voice

  • Broadcast

  • Virtual receptionist / PBX

  • Predictive /Auto dialer

  • Automated SMS

  • Automated Email dispatch

  • Chat interaction

  • Integration with website

  • Call Back functionality

  • Inbound & outbound

  • Integration with other Systems & Branches

  • Channel Management

  • Integration with websites

  • Operational Metrics


Sales Acquisition:

  • Operational Metrics

  • Customizable KPIs

  • Productivity Reports

  • User reports

  • Analytics

  • Analytics Dashboards

  • Lead management

  • Sales workflows

  • Order management

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Exception management

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Inbound & outbound

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